Video of British soldier shouting abuse at Iraqis shown at Baha Mousa inquiry

Video key evidence at inquiry into death of Iraqi soldier in British custody – a death which could have 'rallied extremists', says QC

Baha Mousa inquiry video shows soldiers intimidating Iraqi prisoners
Warning: video contains strong language Link to this video

A video of a British soldier screaming obscenities and abuse at hooded Iraqi detainees was shown today at the opening session of a public inquiry into how the hotel receptionist, Baha Mousa, was killed while in British custody.

The film shows Corporal Donald Payne, formerly of the Queen's Lancashire Regiment, shouting and swearing at the Iraqis as they are forced to maintain painful "stress positions".

The video is a key piece of evidence in a wide-ranging inquiry into the death of Mousa, which got under way today. Mousa died after sustaining 93 injuries while being detained by soldiers from the former Queen's Lancashire Regiment in Basra, southern Iraq, in September 2003.